Our ‘development led’ performance engineering approach means that if there isn’t a tool or technology available (either due to technical or financial constraints) to test a particular system under test, we will look to develop the appropriate software to enable this to happen – from custom adapters that plug in to existing tools to extending open source frameworks. Our tool agnostic approach means that we are not tied to any particular vendor, always selecting the most appropriate and cost effective solution. We are at the forefront of utilising cloud based on demand load generation allowing massive loads to be generated at low cost.
Our Performance Engineering staff are from deep technical and technology consultancy backgrounds, meaning that we gain a full understanding of your application, architecture, infrastructure and network, allowing us to adopt the most effective and realistic performance engineering approach along with understanding performance bottlenecks and how to fix these. Our expertise allows us to identify performance and stability problems even before any performance testing has been completed, maximising its effectiveness and minimising time and costs.The Test People also have a custom built ‘stubbing’ framework which allows us to rapidly build and deploy bespoke test harnesses to replicate 3rd party interfaces and feeds, including all the main payment providers.
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