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Test Services

The Test People work collaboratively with all of our clients to tailor a formal test strategy to their software development process.

Once the agreed strategy is in place, The Test People work with our clients to allocate the test budget in a manner that provides the required risk reduction in a planned and structured fashion.

The Test People have an extensive knowledge and experience base when defining, troubleshooting and implementing test strategies and processes.



Automation Services

The Test People have significant experience of a wide range of test automation tools including open source and those provided by the leading vendors.

When an automation project has been identified, The Test People have the test automation experience and their own automation approach “ABLE” to ensure that the objectives become a reality.

The Test People have an extensive track record of ensuring test automation returns on investment time after time.

Performance Engineering

The Test People have been working closely with our clients to simplify the performance engineering process.

Not only do we handle the complicated tasks of performance test design, scripting, execution, monitoring and reporting but we also provide diagnostic and re-engineering services to solve performance issues.

The Test People are experts in Performance Testing and Improvement with deep industry and technical expertise.



Test Automation

Highly productive software plays a key role in most companies. All over the world, many central workflows are based on sophisticated IT systems. This means that software quality is an important factor, because unstable applications and faulty software architecture not only jeopardise internal workflows but often lead to additional costs and harm the company’s image. But testing complex IT systems is seldom part of their own core business.

Our SQS consultants will assist you with the automation of time-consuming but crucial test runs and processes. Our services in the field of Test Automation include strategic advice on the choice of the optimum software testing tools, as well as the actual execution of automated tests. With SQS, you will save valuable time and avoid unpleasant budget overruns.

Agile Testing

The Test People have strength and depth when it comes to Agile Testing.

From certified Scrum Masters to industry leading training, The Test People can introduce new approaches to testing or work within and improve existing ones.

The Test People understand that the benefits of 'Agile' are derived from pragmatic adaptation rather than blind prescription. We are able to assess your approaches to ensure that you are enabling your people to get the benefits from leaner working practices.



Process Improvement

Ever wondered how mature your Quality Assurance program is? Infuse’s test authority modelling gives insight to the maturity of your test processes – with a defined roadmap for improvement, with independent auditors identifying your barriers to effective testing.

Infuse has developed the Test Authority Model based on TAMAR from the TMMi ® (Test Maturity Model Integrated) Foundation – the global industry standard for TMMi® assessments. This strategic service delivered by Infuse experts, assesses your software program in terms of Quality Assurance maturity and provides a report based on the findings as well as a clear, defined roadmap to improvement with measurable milestones.

Infuse assessors from our performance engineering division review an organization’s overall performance testing maturity through a series of questionnaires, interviews, workshops and artefact reviews. The outcome is an optimized program dedicated to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your performance testing department, benchmarked against industry standards.